About Naaseon Farms

From 1928, Naaseon farms has stood out among other farms. We began as a cocoa farm in 1928. We have added a lot of farms products along the way. Our vision is to feed the nations of the world with staples at stable prices. We have staples like maize, yam and plantain. We also have in stock livestock like sheeps, goats, pigs and cattle. You can easily order your farm produce online with our portal and have them delivered to your doorstep. Skip the hustle and bustle. Find the best on Naaseon Farms.

Fresh Farm produce.

Our produce is always fresh from the farm. We amke it available to retailers, distributers and homes for individual consumption and for sale too. We have the best yam, plantain, and maize in the region at very affordable prices. We also have too Livestock.

Fresh Milk and Meat.

Our livestock farms are very well kept so we produce infection free animals. The milk these animals also produce are also purified and very clean. Our livestock, milk and meat are available buy buyer request. Great livestock, meat and milk at very affordable prices. Place your order online.

Order Online.

Through our online portal, you can order your staples, meat, livestock and milk in any quantity. We also do door to door delivery. CLick on the place order button at the top right corner of the screen(On desktop, on phone kindly click the menu button at your top right corner. You will se the place order button in the menu). Place an order today!